Our greenfield development activities include:

  • Site scouting and environmental constraint analysis
  • Solar and wind resources measurement
  • Layout design and preliminary tech selection
  • Engineering, environmental impact studies, specialized report
  • Building compliance analysis
  • Electrical grid connection
  • Land acquisition
  • Authorization procedures
  • GSE incentive gathering procedures

and, for brownfield development activities as well, a complete legal and technical Due Diligence, technical design optimization and authorization process finalization.

Our Business Development area services go on with the Operation & Maintenance phase for:

  • Local government relationship management
  • Maintenance authorization gathering
  • Monitoring and analysis for authorizational procedures
  • Landowners relationships
  • Total management of regulations and incentives

Our remote control center is available 24/7 from our headquarters. In the last 10 years of activity we acquired competences in remote control, management and data collection for power plants.

On site activities (building and maintenance) are held by highly skilled personnel (PES-CEI EN 11-27, “Work from high heights” – D.Lgs 81/08 and GWO certified), between our units in Palermo and Lamezia Terme.


Both the remote control and operational workers have contributed to the creation and management of


  • 252 WTG with 0,85 – 1,67 – 2 MW of unity power
  • 8 AT/MT transformation substations.
  • More than 400 km of 20 and 30 kV underground electrical lines.
  • More than 80 km of roadways and more than 185.000 sqm of WTG-service turnpikes.
  • 7 solar power plants for more than 16MW of power combined.Specialized in:
  • Wind turbine damage (i.e. lightning-struck damage).
  • Wrong WTG ship alignment .
  • Tension holes overcome device (VRDT).
  • UPDM Management, in agreement with TERNA specs.
  • Landslides and soil movement.
  • Remote controlled digging (no dig).
  • Foundational issues (i.e. anomalous oscillations).
  • Issues and flaws for wires or mid-tension joints.
  • SCADA systems (management and implementation)
  • O&M BoP main contractor.
  • Remote operations and monitoring.
  • Remote data collection and measurement.
  • MV lines assistance and fixing (24/7/365).
  • Complete O&M WTG contract management with in place oversight.
  • WTG technical inspections.
  • Monthly analysis and performance report of the power farms (production, availability, power curves adherencies,
    fixing and restoration…)
  • GSE/UTF management (i.e.. inspection, record keeping, meter testing…).
  • TERNA/ENEL technical and administrative management.
  • Tech consultants management (i.e. for financed power farms).
  • Job Security (D.Lgs. 81/08).
  • New business financing and refinancing.
  • M&A Advisory.
  • Financing management (waiver, analysis and model review, financial documentation)
  • Insurance management.
  • Consultants (i.e. legal or insurance) relationship management.
  • Book-keeping:
    • Assets and liabilities management.
    • Fiscal fullfilment.
    • Agreements with local Governments and landowners.
    • Financial Statements.
    • Reports and management control.
  • Corporate compliance fulfillment.
  • Board meeting management.
  • Company record management.
  • Audit committee relationship management.
  • Implementation and management of 231/01 Model.
  • Legal controversy management.
  • Privacy.
  • Sponsorship management.