15 June 2018

Roma, 14.6.2018: The negotiations between the Council, Parliament and Commission on the RED II Renewable Directive Agreement were concluded late at night, which brought the 2030 target for energy production from Renewable Sources to 32%, from the 27% previously forecast, with a review clause to 2023.
The FREE Coordination and the ANEV had asked to raise the target from the 27% forecast to 35%, and the acceptance by Min. Luigi di Maio of this position on the part of Italy was a central element in the shifting of the balance Europeans on the subject, so much so that they have conditioned the agreement with a final result, however, appreciable also in light of the possible further revision to 2023.

The final result achieved by 32% for Renewables will mean something more in Italy for percentage terms, to which the more timid target of 14% in transport should be added. These numbers represent a change from the past and mark a significant change in course in EU policies. These objectives for large plants are accompanied by a further significant result, thanks to the exclusion of the application of network charges for plants up to 25 kW in self-consumption (a battle that FREE and ANEV have been conducting for years) and which should allow a further useful development of small-scale plants with a view to the increasing development of distributed generation, necessary to achieve the European objectives.

On the other hand, there is a lack of agreement on a parallel adjustment of the increase in energy efficiency which, by acting on final consumption, facilitates the achievement of the new, more demanding targets for renewables.

It is now necessary that the Italian Government, with the same incisiveness, give a concrete impulse to what has been established by Europe, adopting those measures which will allow the development of the Renewables to be increased in line with the commitments undertaken. Indeed, concrete acts are necessary and urgent, the lack of which to date has not allowed the necessary investments to be made.
The comforting news of the increase of the European target at 32% will be better explored tomorrow, on the occasion of the Conference for the World Wind Day, which will be held tomorrow at 3 pm in the presence of the two Presidents GB Zorzoli FREE and Simone Togni ANEV.


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