25 May 2018

Volta Green Energy is a sponsor for World’s Wind Day, an international sensibilisation campaign towards renewable energy and wind power, held every year in June by ANEV, Italian’s trade association that has Volta Green Energy among its associates.

The event gets the approval from the President of the Italian Republic since five years ago and patronage from Environment Ministry, Economics Ministry, Culture Ministry as well as Rome Government.
Among the events held this year can be found the ANEV training called “Rinnovabili: corso avanzato sull’eolico: dalle autorizzazioni alla connessione alla rete, dalla progettazione alla gestione” (May 14-17 2018, Rome), the Institutional Convention (June 15th, Rome) held at GSE Auditorium and the exclusive event for June, 15th “Giudizio Universale Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel” held at the Conciliazione Auditorium in Rome.